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Programming Coordinator

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About the Role

The Program Coordinator oversees the development and coordination of programs offered by the Centerville Community Center Association (CCCA). They shall report regarding the programs of the organization, as required, at the regular meetings of the board and the stated meetings of the community association.

  • Recording – record minutes and attendance at each Executive board meeting

  • Attend monthly CCCA Board meetings and report the status of programs.

  •  Participate in the formulation of program budgets and fee schedules that are compatible with CCCA financial objectives

  • Review, recommend and oversee instructor pay scale, program prices, and minimum/maximum participant numbers, program registration, etc.

  • Evaluate the overall quality of CCCA programs.

  • Coordinate and chair program planning and program review meetings.

  • Write a report for the Annual General Meeting

  • Be responsible for the recruitment, hiring, training and evaluation of instructors for all CCCA programs in conjunction with appointed executives and/or the Resource Centre Coordinator.

  • Ensure timely, accurate records are kept of all programs offered by the CCCA including attendance sheets and profit/loss statements.

  • Maintain a complete instructor contact list.

  • Oversee program instructor contracts, pay and expenses.

  • Update instructor handbook and policies and procedures as necessary.

  • Oversees program submission to Leisure CCCA Newsletter. Edit final draft of the newsletter. Provide program information to the Community Programs and Services to be placed in the 'LEISURE' publication.

  • Address any issues/concerns brought forward by the instructors/participants in their respective programs.


  • 18+ years old

  • Excellent communication skills, both in person, via phone and written

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Experience with program planning an asset

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