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A Brief History

The Centreville Chicopee Community Association was active long before the Community Centre was built in 1979. The Association was formed by a number of dedicated volunteers that were working towards a common goal - to meet the needs of the local Community. The issues dealt with by the Association have not changed a great deal from the past, and largely focus on Recreation, Education, Political and Social interests.

The Association worked hard to raise the funds necessary to establish a central meeting place within the Community. It was important that the space be functional, and useful to the residents. The result was the Centreville Chicopee Community Centre, a neighbourhood based Community facility built by the City of Kitchener in co-operation with the CCCA. The land the Centre was built on was donated to the City by the Waterloo County Board of Education. Additional funding for construction came from the CCCA, the City of
Kitchener, local Service Clubs, as well as various grants including Wintario.

The Centreville Chicopee Community Centre was officially opened by Mayor Morley Rosenberg on October 3, 1979. The Centre, first of its kind, was a pilot project for the City of Kitchener. The Volunteer concept used at Centreville was unique and provided the foundation for how all Neighbourhood based Community Centres are operated today

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of the Centreville Chicopee Community Association is to promote recreation,
education and social activities, within the Association's defined boundaries, and to encourage
participation from people of all ages, to foster community spirit

Our Objectives

  •  To promote recreation and leisure activities and encourage the participation of residents in the Centerville-Chicopee Community 

  • To work in collaboration with Community Members and Partners 

  • To encourage the best use of present facilities & development of new facilities as needed.

  • To promote new activities the community is interested in. 

  • To create a positive safe space and a friendly community spirit through volunteer opportunities and safe, quality recreation and leisure activities organized by the CCCA.

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