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Centreville-Chicopee Community Market


A well-connected Centreville-Chicopee Community where neighbours feel cared for and included.


To run summer markets that enhance community connection and health by providing opportunities for participation and access to fresh, affordable food.

Values and Priorities:

Food Accessibility

To improve access to affordable produce in the neighbourhood during the summer months by ensuring the majority of fresh food being sold is priced affordably or is subsidized so that it is affordable.


Advertise widely throughout the neighbourhood to better connect the Centreville and Chicopee sections that make up the Centreville-Chicopee Neighbourhood.

To offer low-cost table space to local organizations and social service agencies who can provide information and guidance to residents to better connect them to resources and opportunities in their area.


To provide opportunities for community members to participate as vendors, shoppers or volunteers. To offer free treats or drinks at each market so that community members can participate without the obligation of making a purchase.

Supporting Local Businesses and Entrepreneurship

To offer low-cost market tables for local vendors who want to sell crafted goods. They can try out selling their goods in a low-stakes space that does not take profits away from them in the form of table fees.

Be a Vendor
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